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The Power of Self-Coaching

I have chosen this path to experience and express myself as a professional coach . It’s a blessing in-disguise that my Coaching experience & skills have helped me self-coached myself to accelerate my healing in physical suffering in 2015/16. Just like anyone , a coach could fall sick, has challenges, and indeed a coach also needs a coach. Some, you may think that a coach may not have issues/challenges in their life, this could be true because a coach knows how to self- coach themselves and resolve their own issues/challenges there and then . how does that happen? the answer is they self- Coach themselves

in July 2015, after i facilitated a 4-day workshop, i felt really sick. I couldn’t get up at all, the next day, i couldn’t walk probably because my left eye couldn’t see probably. i lost my balance, the next thing i knew was my siblings came to take me back to Penang. i was in Penang for 8 months under my sister’s care. 3 times of MRI, 1 small brain biopsy infact it was a small brain surgery, 3 times of hospitalisation and each time was spanning 2-3 weeks. Initially , i was not so frightened of what was happening to me, when the days started to go by so slowly, my body was still weak and i threw out almost every night at 9.30pm and 2- 3 am , i was helpless, powerless, depression started to creep in . i started crying without any good reasons and whenever headache or vomiting , what went through my mind was thinking how could suddenly a high energetic , bubbly and healthy me lying flat in hospital bed or at home like this.? ]What would people say n think of me? there were hundreds of why and how come? then i asked myself how would this lying down and blaming help me to get back up again? What do you want to see myself in 1 months time ? What is the truth? What are my fears ? the truth is i am a good person i have not spent my hard earned money yet, I determined to get back my health. i accepted the situation of what was and the Karpman drama triangle “victim” came to mind. Am I ?

Because of self-coaching, i reframe myself from being a victim to blame my situation, instead . i took responsibility for my illness. The moment I was accountable for whatever happened, my illness/ my falling down , it accelerated the healing process , boosted up my immune system , confidence.

Through out this journey I made new choices to live my life purposefully instead as a victim of my environment

That’s the Power of Self-coaching

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