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Powerful Self-Coaching Questions When You are in FEAR

What is FEAR? FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

I have been feeling anxious , worried, resentful, envious about several personal & professional situations/things/people that causing some loveless arguments with my loved ones, resulting no peace and harmony at work and home

Reflecting on this FEAR acronym and lessons 47 & 48 in A course in Miracles Workbook, they came in at the right time to reframe my perspectives.

Lesson 47 : “ God is the strength in which I trust “ and lesson 48 “ There is nothing to fear.

"The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your strength. If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful. “ When you are in fear, how could you have faith in weakness and feel safe?

Hence, I started to reflect about the situations and people ’s behaviours and asking the following questions to self-coach myself:

  • What are my deep down feeling about the situations and people behaviours?

  • What am I fearful about?

  • Is it about them or about my own perceptions?

Then I realised that my perceptions about situations, people behaviour s have engendered the “fear” or loveless feelings. Ii is about me and not others. Subsequently, i asked myself

  • What can I see differently?

  • Am I willing to see differently?

  • What is more important to me at this moment?

  • What shall I do or be next?

By asking myself these questions I found peace within and I am feeling good and happy again. I reframed from FEAR to LOVE perspectives.

I am no different from you, we are all “ work in progress” , by self-coaching we create more self awareness for ourselves. Certainly we are onboarding in the journey of U turn to love

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