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Petals of Life 2.0

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Petals of life 2.0 was created in April 2021. It is revised based on the initial petals of LIfe Coaching . As I reflect, the covid 19 pandemic that started since Mar 2020, until today jan 1, 2021, it is still a major concern globally. The 4 components in the inner circle are key to our innermost being :

  1. Thoughts

  2. Emotions

  3. Stillness

  4. Mindfulness

The Core that holds the petal is our Innermost/Core being. What we see in the world around us is just a reflection of what is inside of us.

So, it is crucial to look deeper inside us, our innermost being about our emotions, thoughts. We can only go deep our inner most when we be still with full mindfulness.

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