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Ending Your Struggles, Setting Clear Expectations

Clear Expectations all are built on a foundation of clarity and mutual understanding.

Setting Expectation is the process of formulating and communicating what is expected. It is a basic leadership technique and management responsibility that gives people the information required to perform well.

Clarity is the pathway to solid results. Mutual understanding is two way process to create shared meaning. Whether we are a manager/leader at work or outside work, setting clear expectations with another person absolutely improves our communications , relationships and trust with the person or team.

Often we get into trouble or suffer because there is lack of setting clear expectations. Common scenarios example:

At work:

You didn’t clarify the roles & responsibilities of your team members , everybody thought that it was somebody’s job, as a result nobody did the job and it caused a delay in the delivery of the project.

Outside work:

Over the phone , you & an old friend agreed to have lunch on certain day at certain place. At 12 noon, you waited half an hour at the restaurant , you were hungry watching food being served at the next table but your friend still did not show up. You called and found out, lunch for him is 1 pm but for you is 12 pm.

In selling process with Prospects/Clients:

In meeting with your prospect/client, he or she only have 30 minutes , you didn’t set clear expectations about the meeting objectives and outcome. When you were just ready to present , the prospect/client told you, there was another meeting in 5 min. You came out from meeting, confused & wondering ‘what just happened?”

In your life experience, :

1. Reflect how much you suffer because you didn’t set clear expectations?

2. Reflect how much distractions/ disruptions to your business/ work/plan because you didn’t set clear expectations with someone, being your partner, team members, bosses, etc?

3. If clarity & mutual understanding are lacking, what are you going to do about it?

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