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Stand Tall Like The Sunflowers

Sunflower is a happy flower that’s why I love it.

I find this florist shop has a great write up about sunfowers, Flower meaning & symbolism - here is what you didn’t know about sunflowers

Crystal Toastmaster club ’s meeting on Nov 9 will have Sunflower “ as its theme . Highly echo with the Toastmaster of The Evening (Ogy Ong ACG,ALB) that amidst the CMCO , lets stand tall like the sunflower , let us turn our heads to soak in the sunshine and get ready for the good bright day. Love it

here a little expression in echoing the theme

Let's stand tall like the Sunflowers

Amidst the CMCO, the sunflowers still stand tall, following the mighty sun to receive abundance of goodness.....

Let’s stand tall like the sunflower to receive the sun.

Be thankful to the complementary Vitamin D resisted by any virus

Let’s stand tall and be happy like the sunflower

Happy feeling beautiful smiles disliked by any virus

Let’s stand tall and be not stingy to share with the bees

Be part of the nature, vitality chase away any virus

Let’s stand tall and shine. allowing others to shine too

Be the light and blinds any virus

Let's stand tall and be the Sunflower

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