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How happy are you with each Petals of Life?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Take a closer look of this flower, what do you see? The middle of the flower is the heart which holds tight the petals. This symbolises our Core Being. Core Being is the deepest core as a being, the inner being, the spirit, the soul, some may call it. When we are well connected with our core being, evrything else representing by the petals will be flourish and blooming.

There are only 7 petals presented here, it shall not stop you from adding more petals as you create your own reality. You are the artist in creating your own master piece of life.

Some of you may ask the petals looks like the life balance wheel.. Yes, it's no doubt that the concept came from the life wheel balance. During my early days in coaching, I used Life Balance Wheel to start my coaching conversations. As I walked through my own life discovery journey , I started pondering if one can really have a balance in all areas of life? How would life look like if one have to keep monitoring all the time to ensure all areas of life is well-balanced. it's going to be a hard work. What matters most is deep inside, are you feeling fulfilled, blissful, peaceful and joyful.

As I started to paint my own life canvas, why is it has to be a wheel with a hub holding the spokes, why not make it more aligned with nature .. a beautiful flower like Daisy, sunflower and we can choose what colour we like. Be Free and creative. After all, we can never get a well-balanced wheel but

we can have a colourful petals! What is stopping you?

How happy are you with each petal of your life? On the scale of 1 to 10, , 1 being not happy. 10 is very happy. . What other petals would you add? What is important to you at this point of time ?

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