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Hello, are you HERE with me?

Have you ever wondered sometimes when you were talking to someone , you could observe or even sensed that the person was not there with you? It’s like he or she was absent minded or his/her mind was preoccupied with something else, how did that make you feel?

In the world of GO GO GO mode these days that many of us seemed to be living in, ,are we really being present in anything we do? Apparently, we are rushing all the time , everything is moving so fast and 24 hours seemed to be never enough everyday.

Being present is important in our daily life.   When you are at present, you become more mindful, when you are more mindful, even the time may slow down for you.   Lately, I noticed one of the common behaviors either in my house in kL or Penang are that someone was always looking for the handphone or spectacles or wallet.    When we are not living in the present , we will be absent minded and we may  spend unnecessary time and energy looking for things. That’s exactly why we always feel that we don’t have enough time.

In coaching or any profession, even at homeor work place,  when we are interacting with people, presence is utmost important.     In financial life coaching process, you and your coach’s presence are required through out the journey. When the coach and coachee are being present, they allow themselves to be in the flow, they have high awareness of themselves( a sense of being, rather than doing) and the coaching conversation. This enable them to build deep rapport, trust and connect with one another.

I like the 4 mantras of true presence by the renowned zen Master, thich Nhat HAnh :

  1. Darling, I am here for you

  2. I know you are there, I am very happy

  3. Darling, I know you suffer

  4. Darling, I suffer, please help

He was also interviewed by

WINfrey in OPRAH’S Super Soul Sunday :

He was also interviewed by Oprah WINfrey in OPRAH’S Super Soul Sunday :

[caption id="attachment_183" align="alignnone" width="480"]view video of 4 mantras[/caption]


  1. Today, when you are with your spouse, children or at work ( or when you are doing something), are you really present at the moment ?

  2. If not, what would you need to do more or do less to be fully present when you are with your family or at work?

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