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Your perspective creates your stories

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

IIf you want to take a good photo, like what people always tell me “ you got an eye for it", you can train your eyes by looking at an object from different perspectives.

Every perspective has its stories and what you see is what you put meaning to it.

Often, in my coaching, to have a perspective of what my client is seeing their life or a situation at that point of time, I ask him/her to describe how they feel and what it means to them about their life.with the photo they pick

Here are a few photos I took on a Sunday morning and they have different stories to tell

The orange mug is the subject, its not bad in a early Sunday morning, you are connected with the nature,

The piping hot drink keeps me company for a relaxing Sunday morning.

From photography point of you, this could be a good perspective to see shadow of the mug, the colour, the lighting, for some. however, what does it mean to you?

So, in any life situation, whether it is personal or professionals, how would you see differently? How willing are you to see differently? What would you choose> to bre right or to be happy?

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