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 a unique blog here for you to explore and be inspired.!

U-turn to Love

 Just like the beautiful sun flower, the core that holds the petals of life is  our whole core being. Your petals of life could be bigger or smaller or even more petals than what is being shown above.  When all the petals of our life are well connected to the core, we will remember who we are and we create a beautiful reality to experience and express in this world.  The world will continue to move even faster after the Covid 19 pandemic, with my calm heart to seize the opportunity to live in the moment by presenting the petals of life Coaching to share with you my perceptions, experience and expression about different petals of life, hopefully this will inspire you to U turn to love and live your life to the fullest by unleashing your full potential


Experience & Express

About Wee Hen

I started  coaching since 2009 and obtained  ICF Professional Certified Coach in 2016.  Through the years of coaching many executives, entrepreneurs and that my company has been focusing on sales performance and leadership coaching. Despite all these,  I learned that, regardless of your position, your role in whatever you do in your career or business, ultimately it’s all about you as a person. Hence  my coaching  inclines  to focus on you,  as  a whole person  and empowers you to achieve fulfilment in your  precious life journey.  

Through out my own life discovery  journey  I am so blessed to meet  in persons several inner work  teachers Bob Trask (ARAS) , Christopher Moon, Dr. Aaron Lim and Dehyana. and several more   A Course in Miracles is one of the major U-turn to love learnings  through Dr. Aaron & Dehyana and Marianne Williamson.    There is always a timing for everything. Somehow during  March  2020 Covid-19 lockdown in Malaysia,  I deepen Seth's teaching  through Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu from Taiwan.

Just like anyone else, I am still  “ work in progress”.    Certainly All the inner work has helped me to become a better coach , I practice as I learn to be more self- aware,  forgiving, non- judgmental, kind, compassionate, detached  and continue my journey of U-turn to love. 

I strongly believe that, we are here for a bigger purpose and it is for us to explore experience and express.  Love is everything and it’s time to ‘remember to u turn to love.   Love will get you Home

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